Monday, 15 August 2016

Check out our conjunctions!!

In LC11 our writing Trophy Challenge is to use conjunctions to add more detail to our writing and make our sentences longer. Check out some of the sentences we wrote in today's session. 

The goose was flying up high so that the crock didn’t get him. – Lucy
The bird dove down to get his food until out jumped a crocodile but he missed the bird. –Julia
The bird was flying happily across the water until a crocodile pounced out of the disgusting water and devoured the bird in one ginormous gulp. - Toby
Watch out below so that I can take off. - Macy
The goose was trying to get away so that she could go back to her babies. – Baeleyjane
The crocodile jumped up so that he could get the bird. – Emma
The goose kicked the crocodile in the face so that he didn’t snap him. – Holly
He kicked the crocodile in the face until he died. Troy

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