Monday, 22 August 2016

Adopt a Turbo 

Today Turbos player Heiden Bidwell-Curtis came to visit us and talk to about some of the challenges that he faces and how he overcomes them. He talked about setting goals and how these worked to keep him motivated.He said that he has his goals written down and put up in his house so that he can see them everyday. We then challenged him to step outside of his comfort zone and play a game of hockey with the Pae Ake team. It was so much fun and great training for our Pae Ake Olympics Day!!

Next it was poster signing time!!! We were all pretty impressed with how quickly he could sign 100 posters so that we all got our own to take home!! Thanks for the visit Heiden. Hopefully a few of us can get out to see him playing in their home game this weekend. 

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